Therapeutic Touch


I love Krieger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch® (TT), which is an amalgam of several ancient healing practices. One is the laying on of hands. A TT practitioner may work with hands on or off the body, depending on the preference of the healee.

Anyone can learn to do TT at a Basic level, and I love watching participants’ excitement as they experience how quickly they can bring relief to people in a variety of uncomfortable situations.

However, the more juicy part of TT is the development of your innate healing potential that helps your hands know what to do. TT requires the courage to go inside yourself and dismantle the barriers that keep you from becoming your most evolved self.

As you reach for your Inner Self, Divine Self, Higher Self or however you name it, you deepen your capacity for compassion. The further you move into compassion, the more your intuition opens up in a way that allows you to sense the source of the healee’s wounds (physical, spiritual, or otherwise) and where and how to direct the life force energy that supports healing.

If you believe in a Divine Source, you will experience it much more powerfully as you further your work with the TT process.

This inner journey sets a whole series of events into motion. In addition to the visible work you do with the healee, both of you experience a profound attunement that is deeply quiet and comforting. In your outer life you meet new people with the capacity for amazing creativity and intimacy, and when you need something, it comes to you with more ease. Increasingly you will experience the tangible treasure of your kinship with both the natural world and human community (not that those are so separate!)

TT is so practical. I’m thankful that whenever a friend has surgery, I can use TT to decrease their pain and help them sleep. Or when someone has a sprained ankle and they have me do TT, I can often watch the swelling go down. My friends’ dogs with arthritis relax with a TT treatment and walk more comfortably. I’m also healthier when I give TT regularly.

This all sounds so serious, but some of the funniest people I have ever met are TT practitioners.


Dolores Krieger, RN PhD giving a TT treatment to Sharon Hunter

Dolores Krieger, RN PhD giving a TT treatment to Sharon Hunter

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